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    How App Development Helps to Grow Healthcare Services

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      Published on June 6, 2024

      4 min read

    COVID-19 taught us that technology has become more inseparable from patients and doctors.

    From remote patient monitoring to telemedicine, doctors and patients can support one another in a successful treatment.

    This means lower risks of misdiagnosis and chronic relapses.

    In short, integrating healthcare with technology means that more lives will be saved.

    No more costly follow-up check-ups for patients, no more low satisfaction rates for the hospitals.

    So, are your healthcare services ready to contribute toward more good for humanity?

    Read on how app development can help you achieve this.

    Key Benefits of App Development for Healthcare Services

    Digital breakthroughs such as app development have truly made the lives of doctors and patients easier.

    Some quick examples:

    • Doctors can provide consultations via telemedicine apps and even diagnose illnesses with a high accuracy rate with the help of deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI).
    • Patients, in return, can manage their health conditions better without the burden of visiting doctors in the office.

    It is no surprise to see that these benefits have resulted in the growing demands for digital health, as proven by a range of consumer behavior and app market research:

    • There are 325,000 mobile health applications in existence today, and more are expected to come.
    • Around 60% of mobile users have installed a healthcare app on their devices at least once.

    In addition, technological advancements can also save hundreds of billions of euros in patient monitoring and chronic disease treatment costs.

    Specific Use Cases of Healthcare Applications

    From diagnosis to treatment, healthcare applications benefit doctors and patients in a lot of ways:

    • Appointment scheduling. No longer do patients have to wait a long line to schedule their appointments when the task can be done by filling out an online form.
    • Patient check-ins. Technology can help eliminate errors, inconsistencies, and delays caused by manual data entry during the check-in process.
    • Clinical assessment. Doctors can rely on AI tools to analyze historical data and gain comprehensive insights to make informed decisions.
    • Diagnosis. AI can help doctors diagnose patients more accurately, reducing the chances of bias or misdiagnosis.
    • Treatment planning. AI can help doctors provide effective treatment plans by combining analysis of patient data, medical literature, and treatment outcomes.
    • Treatment monitoring and follow-up. Healthcare apps now have features with personalized reminders and educational hubs to support patients in completing their treatment, thus minimizing the risks of a relapse or unsuccessful treatment.
    • Medical record management. Electronic health records (EHRs) can automate this process while improving accuracy and streamlining information retrieval.

    So, if you’re thinking of adding any of these features to your healthcare app, consider doing so with a trusted mobile app development company.

    So, are you excited about the future of healthcare app development?

    The following trends exactly highlight why your healthcare app development cost will be a worthy investment:

    • AR/VR is said to pave the way for surgery training. No longer do doctors and trainees have to commute for in-house training if they can do it as effectively online. This is also helpful if the doctors are busy with attending outside engagements as they can still hold a teleconference and broadcast the step-by-step in real-time.

    • AI and deep learning can be brainstorming partners for doctors in clinical assessment and diagnosis. This technology can synthesize a hundred years of medical history and compare it with patient data to administer an accurate diagnosis.

    • Neurotechnology. Now, there exists a device that can record brain activity on a computer—what we know as the Neuralink. This means a hopeful future for the elderly wishing for a longer lifespan. Such a device can stimulate neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s while minimizing the severity.

    • Blockchain. Record keeping has been a hurdle for hospitals, but with blockchain, medical records can be centralized in a more transparent manner while reducing the risks of corrupted data.


    It is wonderful what technology can do for humankind.

    More and more problems, especially health issues, can be solved with digital health innovations.

    Join us in this movement and start saving more lives with your healthcare app today.

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