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    IoT Development

    Connected Devices + Intelligent Operations = Transformed Business

    Our world is getting hyper-connected. The everyday devices we use are transformed into smart devices with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. From the cars we drive to our coffee makers, from our fitness bands to our homes, we are becoming part of the larger ecosystem called the Internet of Things ( IoT).

    Join the race and become a future-ready organization that runs its everyday operations using intelligent devices. Working with a leading IoT app development company like LAD, you can get ahead of your competitors with a strong brand backed by operational efficiency and quick services. Take out the errors of manual intervention, predict downtimes, monitor peak usage, optimize resource utilization, schedule preventive maintenance and much more with the connected capabilities of IoT.

    From heavy-duty manufacturing to ambient retail selling, we can help you harness the power of IoT for your business to the fullest.

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    IoT Solutions And Services For Sensor-Connected Future

    The dream of smart living is not in the distant future anymore. Being a top-class IoT app development company in London, LAD is one of the forebears of integrating smart IoT devices into our offices and homes.

    Every industry and every business operation can be benefited from the ease, efficiency and automation that the Internet of Things offers.

    So take the step and become part of the future with our IoT development services:

    Custom IoT App Development

    Have an innovative app idea? We offer custom IoT app development services that are tailored to your specific project requirements. Our IoT app developers can help achieve your business goals with powerful, sensor-connected IoT applications.

    Smart Homes & Office Solutions

    Enter the modern world with a fully smart home or smart office. Hire expert IoT developers to get tailor-made IoT solutions with fully-equipped interconnected smart devices that make your everyday tasks automated, easy, and quick.

    IoT Mobile Apps

    Want to develop a smart mobile app? Control and manage all your IoT devices with powerful mobile applications. Our IoT mobile apps connect seamlessly with sensors and microcomputers to provide a smooth, sleek user experience.

    Get high-connectivity IoT solutions that integrate with smart wearable devices. Develop smart watches, smart clothing and shoes, eyewear, health trackers, and AR/VR headsets that are popular, interactive, and intuitive to use.

    Maintaining IoT applications requires a lot of time and effort. Let us take care of it for you. We provide complete maintenance support from hosting and cloud storage, to upgrades, bug fixes, high performance and speed.

    Not sure how IoT fits into your business? No worries. Our IoT experts will guide you in harnessing the true power of IoT technology with smart devices and IoT applications to accelerate your business.


    Our Works

    Glance through the many masterpieces that our mobile app developers have crafted using a fine blend of art and technology.

    Types of Services

    Custom IoT App Development Tailored To Your Industry

    Every industry has its own set of challenges and requirements. We custom-build each solution specifically to your requirements. Get the features you want - connect and control devices remotely, automate your supply chain, offer a unique customer experience, or anything else. Bring efficiency and innovation to your business with our custom IoT software development services -


    Engineer a new breed of connected machinery that works with Internet-connected intelligence. Our custom IoT solutions are perfect for automating your operations and increasing capacity at your warehouses and manufacturing units.


    Monitor soil fertility rates, weather patterns, moisture levels and humidity and much more across a wide region with the help of data-collecting sensors and data analysis solutions.


    Leverage our IoT application development services to provide superior customer experiences and innovative shopping models powered by smart shelves, warehouse automation & connected supply chain.


    Build next-gen smart city models, improve public infrastructure management, perfect property maintenance efficiency and do much more with IoT for infrastructure. Build your custom IoT app with our mobile app developers.


    Navigate supply chain complexity by bringing a whole new level of transparency in logistic operations with the real-time data streaming and data analysis capabilities of the Internet of Things apps.


    Remote health monitoring, telemedicine, and health trackers are revolutionalising the healthcare industry. Create an instant doctor-patient-care provider connect with patient wearable and remote health sensors.

    Safety & Security

    Increase safety and protect your homes, offices, warehouses, and assets with smart motion and optical sensors to detect and report any unauthorized movements. Get complete control with our custom security IoT apps.


    Let your users step into the culture of ‘quantified self’ with custom-built wearable apps that do everything from monitoring blood pressure to body temperature. Health, AR/VR experiences, and more is possible with our IoT development services.

    Step Into the Future of IoT With Us!

    Build your custom IoT applications and wearable smart devices with our IoT app developers in London.


    Why Choose Us As Your IoT App Development Partner In London?

    We are made up of tech professionals who know how to put the growing capabilities of the Internet of Things to their best use. At the heart of our team are strategists who can rethink business processes with IoT.

    Our team can help you identify the best avenues to utilize IoT in your business process and lead to better productivity, superior customer experiences and cost savings.

    Bespoke IoT App Development

    Our IoT application development services solve business needs head-on. There is no space for a one-size-fits-all mentality.

    Industry Expertise

    Our IoT developers and strategists have mile-deep technical expertise in several industry verticals which enables them to build IoT apps quickly.

    Innovation as a way of living

    In the hyper-connected world, just another connected device doesn’t make a difference. Making it work with a difference counts a lot.

    Agile Development

    Our project methodology has Agile at its core. We love to build IoT apps within a short span of time without losing much time.

    Rapid Scalability

    The real power of IoT comes from large numbers. Go from zero to tens of thousands of connected devices on short notice with our IoT expertise.

    Fortified Security

    Safeguard your IoT devices and the data that they transmit with encryption-based security measures.


    Powering Possibilities: Our Cutting-Edge Tech Stack

    Dive into our tech stack to see the tools, languages, and frameworks we use to create high-performance, forward-looking applications.



    At LAD, we are proud of the work we do and the impact we have on our clients' businesses. Here are some of the testimonials and case studies that demonstrate our expertise and credibility:

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    IoT App Development FAQs

    IoT app development cost is somewhere between £20,000 to £70,000.

    The exact estimate of developing an IoT app depends on a variety of factors such as the type of app you are developing, the industry, the number of devices, the development team, and the technologies used.

    Industrial IoT solutions can be at a higher range as it requires integrating multiple IoT devices and automating entire systems.

    Talk to our IoT experts over a free consultation to get a free quote for developing your IoT app.

    The total time required to develop IoT solutions varies from 5 months to 18+ months.

    As a bespoke IoT app development company, we have an optimized development process that provides quick and efficient results.

    If you avail our IoT app development services, the project time will be divided into 6 stages- ideation, requirement analysis, software development, sensors and system integration, IoT testing and quality assurance, and finally deployment.

    To get an accurate timeline for your project, schedule a free consultation session with our IoT team.

    As one of the top IoT app development companies in London, UK, we have expertise in multiple technologies and tools.

    We have dedicated IoT app developers who have mastery over multiple web and mobile app development technologies like React Native, AngularJS, Flutter, and JS.

    We also have Arduino developers and cloud developers who take care of everything from sensor management to cloud hosting.

    Whatever tech stack you wish to use, we have a development team for you. Contact us now!

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