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    Top Android App Development Frameworks

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      Published on July 4, 2024

      5 min read

    If you’re building an Android app, starting with development frameworks is always good.

    However, with so many options available, deciding which Android app development technologies are best will probably be confusing.

    This will not be an issue if you’re working with an Android app development company.

    Still, even if you’re starting out, it’s better to have references.

    So, which development frameworks should you choose for the features of your Android app?

    That’s what we’ll uncover in this article.

    Top Android App Development Frameworks: The Market View

    Until now, Android’s position in the global market share is still at 70%, way ahead of Apple.

    Aside from this promising trajectory, the potential to convert a wider user base is one of the benefits of Android app development any business owner can expect.

    However, that potential can only be maximized if you also put much effort into the technological aspects.

    Based on developers’s insights, here are the most popular frameworks:

    1. Flutter (42%)
    2. React Native (36%)
    3. Ionic (16%)

    Still, this chart alone cannot help you decide on the best frameworks for your Android app development services.

    In the next section, we’ll look at these top frameworks in more detail and provide other suggestions.

    Best Android App Development Frameworks: Top 3 Editor’s Picks

    This rank will not only be influenced by popularity and specific factors such as scalability and code efficiency.

    We believe every Android app requires a specialized programming stack, especially if you’d like to integrate AI or other high-tech solutions.

    With this out of the way, here is our curated list of the best Android app development frameworks.

    1. Flutter

    As an open-source software development kit, Flutter crowns the first place in the race of the best Android framework for a reason.

    Developed by Google, Flutter has been used by 2 million developers to create apps across platforms (mobile, PC, tab, TV, and such).

    Time-to-market is essential when building technology, and Flutter will ensure that your development process moves as quickly as possible.

    Imagine building a fully powered app with a range of functions—from health and fitness to gaming—from a single codebase.

    For instance, the sensational “PUBG” game is made in Flutter, boasting high-definition visuals, an interactive user interface, and smooth performance.

    Best of all, Flutter is easy to learn, making it suitable for early or small-to-medium businesses on a lean budget.

    Here’s a list of tools in Flutter that will establish a productive app development process for your Android business:

    • In-depth developer tooling
    • Automated testing
    • Seamless integrations with Google services (Google Ads, Google Play, etc)
    • And more!

    Interested in using Flutter for your next app?

    Discover our Flutter app development solutions and get started today!

    2. React Native

    If you’re wondering what programming language is used to create Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms you most frequently use—it’s React Native.

    Created by Meta, this open-source framework helps developers create stunning user interfaces.

    Its potential for customization is limitless as you can access a library of Javascript modules, starting from agnostic native components such as “view” and “text” to ease you into the process.

    You might have thought React was only available in Android, but it is also available on iOS.

    This makes React a great choice for scale-ups looking to make their app accessible on more platforms.

    One fantastic feature of React is its file-based routing, which minimizes boilerplate when creating a modal, stack, or drawer within the filesystem.

    As such, developers can focus more on aspects that enhance their productivity.

    Moreover, these React tools will add more tangible value to your entire Android app development:

    • Atom: a cross-platform editing tool with various theme selections, a built-in package manager, and autocompletion.
    • Nuclide: an integrated development environment (IDE) that comes with a debugger, task runner, performance statistics, and more features to improve your code.
    • Sublime Text: a text editor powered with a Python API to facilitate plugins.

    Want a powerful and scalable app solution?

    Check out our React app development services and see how we can help you succeed!

    3. Xamarin

    While less popular than its counterparts, Xamarin offers more than meets the eye.

    Acquired by Microsoft in 2016, Xamarin was designed to create an app that looks and feels native.

    Based on C#, Xamarin helps developers write Android, iOS, and Windows apps with more flexibility.

    Most of all, it is the only IDE that comes integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio that you can use to edit and debug your app, taking it further to the next level.

    Here are some tools in Xamarin you’ll find helpful:

    • Autocomplete: this feature automatically provides relevant suggestions when a user clicks on a dropdown.
    • Intellisense: an editor that’ll help you build faster and more efficiently with its code-completion aids.
    • Code Reusability: migrate to other platforms (iOS, Windows, or Linux) just from a single codebase.


    So, have you made a decision regarding the Android development framework to use?

    This list might not represent all your startup or small-to-medium business goals.

    That’s why London App Development is here to guide your path to future success.

    Contact us, and together, we can build an award-winning app—just as we did with Microsoft and Oxitec.

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