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    How App Development Helps to Grow the Hospitality Industry

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      Published on June 10, 2024

      4 min read

    Oftentimes, business owners in the hospitality industry target the wrong strategy by heavily relying on growth for business success—expansions and whatnot.

    While this is partly true, your business’s real growth driver is your guests.

    Therefore, optimizing how well you can treat them should be a priority.

    The solution is not simple, but what if we told you that hospitality technology can significantly enhance customer experience?

    For instance, a travel booking app enables your customers to personalize their trips, hotel choices, and itinerary—leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

    Are you curious about other possibilities of hospitality app development? Let’s find out.

    Key Benefits of App Development for the Hospitality Industry

    Developing hospitality tech with the help of London app developers can benefit your business in a range of ways:

    • Additional revenue streams. If you already have an offline establishment, enable omnichannel services to generate more revenue from room bookings, in-app purchases (upgrades, dining reservations, and local experiences), and special offers.
    • Enhanced guest experience. Make unforgettable memories with your guests with in-app customer service features (special requests, hotel amenities, and meal orders) and personalize their stays with their unique preferences.
    • Streamlined operations. Imagine if you have a long queue every day for check-ins and check-outs. Your staff will be swamped, and worse, your customers will run out of patience and leave poor reviews. Improve your operational processes with a hospitality app and delight every phase of your customer’s stay.

    Specific Use Cases of Hospitality Applications

    So, you’re probably tempted to develop your hospitality application, but where do you start? Here are some inspirations:

    • Travel app. From finding limited-time flight deals to reserving camping sites, a travel app helps users create their dream plans for a fun-filled vacation. It is no wonder that Expedia and Booking.com are amongst the most frequently used apps today.
    • Restaurant management app. Catering to all your restaurant needs, a restaurant management app enables you to attract customers with an interactive menu, deliver orders faster, and handle reservations like a boss. One good example is Deliveroo.
    • Hotel management app. Restaurant app development is the solution for end-to-end hotel management. Run your day-to-day operations from your fingertips, digitize manual tasks such as data entry, and manage hotel administrations in a unified dashboard.

    The cost of building an app for hospitality starts from 22k euros, but the return? Estimated to reach 578 billion euros by 2028.

    Travel App Revenues

    While hospitality app development seems to promise a lucrative revenue potential, its future scalability shouldn’t be underestimated.

    Even more so with the following hospitality trends:

    • Sustainability. Imagine if your business can contribute to the good of this planet. Sustainability techs such as smart sensors, lighting, and control systems help your firm optimize energy usage and contribute to higher eco footprints.
    • Robotics. Picture a robot helping you with front desk services, guest inquiries, and acting as a luggage porter. With the power of AI, they can even speak a range of languages. If you’d like your business to stand out, consider hiring a robot.
    • Chatbots. Instead of in-person customer service that can only assist your guests for a limited time, chatbots can answer customers’ questions and solve their issues 24/7.
    • Mobile concierge services. Whether your customer needs a digital directory, travel guide, or dedicated assistance, this mobile concierge service will be just as good as the real one.

    Contactless payments. Hotel payments often become a topic of dispute between the front desk and your guests.

    Resolve this problem with contactless payment, where customers can seamlessly pay without their physical card by scanning the QR or barcode.


    With today’s rising tourist and technology trends, it’s crucial for your business to keep up.

    However, we understand that road mapping your hospitality app development is not easy, especially if you’ve just started.

    London App Development has 12+ years of experience in this field, and we’d like to gladly help.

    Contact us for a free consultation.

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