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    App Development: Agency vs. Freelancer – Which Option Is Best for You?

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      Published on May 17, 2024

      6 min read

    Can’t decide between hiring an agency or a freelancer for your app development?

    If you’re running a small or medium-sized business in the UK, you’ve got plenty of choices.

    There are lots of app development agencies and freelancers out there, and they all offer different services.

    But if you’re working with a tight budget, it can be hard to know who to trust and which one has the skills you need.

    With so many options, it’s important to figure out which one is best for your project.

    Here, we outline key considerations for each option to help you make a thoughtful decision in finding the right app development partner.

    Hiring an Agency for App Development

    An agency is a company that offers app development services through a team of professionals with diverse skill sets.

    They typically manage multiple projects simultaneously and have the resources to cover all aspects of app development, from the initial concept and design to coding, testing, and post-launch support.

    Agencies usually have structured processes and dedicated project managers to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

    Pros of hiring an agency:

    Comprehensive Skill Set

    When you hire an agency, you gain access to a team of professionals with diverse expertise in a professional app development agency. This team-based approach ensures that specialists handle every aspect of your app development.

    Reliability and Accountability

    Agencies have established processes and a reputation to maintain, translating into more excellent reliability and accountability in the mobile app development process. They are motivated to deliver high-quality work consistently to protect their reputation and secure future business.


    Agencies can easily scale up resources if the project scope expands or if the development process needs to be expedited. They can allocate additional personnel to your project to meet deadlines or handle increased workloads.

    Support and Maintenance

    Post-launch support and maintenance are often included in the services agencies offer, which is crucial for considering the cost of app development. Therefore, you can rely on the agency to handle updates, troubleshooting, and necessary improvements, ensuring your app remains functional and up-to-date.

    Project Management

    Agencies typically provide dedicated project managers who are responsible for keeping the project on track and meeting deadlines in the app development with agency criteria. The project manager acts as your primary point of contact, coordinating between you and the development team, managing timelines, and addressing any issues.

    Cons of hiring an agency:

    Less Flexibility

    Agencies might have rigid processes and less flexibility compared to freelancers. While beneficial for maintaining consistency and quality, their structured approach can sometimes be a drawback if your project requires frequent changes or a more personalized approach. You might need more time to implement last-minute adjustments.

    Potential for Less Personal Attention

    With multiple projects in their pipeline, agencies might provide less personal attention to your project than a freelancer might. Your project might not always be the top priority, and the level of individual focus you receive could be less compared to what a dedicated freelancer can offer.

    Hiring a Freelancer for App Development

    Freelancers are self-employed and handle all aspects of their business, from client acquisition to project execution.

    They often offer more flexible working hours and can adapt more quickly to project scope or requirements changes, which is advantageous in app development project planning.
    Freelancers can offer more competitive rates without the overhead costs of running a larger business.

    Moreover, freelancers often focus on a niche area of expertise, which can be advantageous if your project requires specific skills.

    Pros of hiring a freelancer:


    Freelancers often have lower overhead costs, making them a more affordable option than agencies. Freelancers can offer competitive rates without the expense of office space and administrative staff, which can be a significant advantage if you work within a tight budget.


    Freelancers can offer more flexibility in terms of working hours and adapting to changes in the project scope. They are typically more agile and responsive, capable of making quick adjustments to accommodate new requirements or changes in direction. This flexibility can be crucial for projects that are dynamic or evolving.

    Personalized Attention

    Since freelancers manage fewer projects at a time, they are likely to provide more focused and personalized attention to your project. This means you are more likely to receive individualized service and direct communication, which can enhance the overall development experience and ensure your specific needs and preferences are closely followed.

    Direct Communication

    Working with a freelancer allows for straightforward, direct communication. This can streamline decision-making and ensure your vision is understood and implemented correctly. The lack of intermediary layers often found in agencies can lead to quicker resolutions and a more hands-on approach to your project.

    Cons of hiring a freelancer

    Limited Skill Set

    Freelancers might need a more diverse skill set than an agency offers. While many freelancers are highly skilled in specific areas, they may not cover all the aspects required for a comprehensive app development project. This can be a limitation for complex projects that require various expertise.

    Reliability Concerns

    One of the key advantages of agencies over freelancers is their reliability and accountability. Freelancers, due to their independent nature, might struggle with managing multiple clients or meeting deadlines. In contrast, agencies have a larger team to rely on, ensuring that your project stays on track even if one team member faces personal or professional challenges.

    Scalability Issues

    Freelancers might struggle to scale up if the project expands significantly. Without the ability to quickly add resources, a freelancer might face difficulties handling an increased workload or expedited timelines, potentially causing project delays.

    Support and Maintenance

    Freelancers might not offer comprehensive post-launch support, which could be an issue for long-term app maintenance and updates. If ongoing support is critical for your app, you might find that a freelancer’s availability and capacity to provide continued service is limited compared to an agency.

    Risk of Unavailability

    If the freelancer becomes unavailable due to personal reasons or other commitments, your project could be stalled. The lack of backup resources means that any interruption in the freelancer’s availability can directly impact the project’s progress and timeline.


    Agencies offer comprehensive services with a diverse team of specialists to ensure reliability, scalability, and structured project management. However, they come with higher costs and potentially less flexibility.

    On the other hand, freelancers provide cost-effective solutions with personalized attention and flexibility but may lack certain skills and face reliability concerns.

    To choose, consider your budget constraints, project complexity, timeline requirements, need for long-term support, and personal preferences to make a well-informed decision.

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