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    5 Ways to Improve User Experience (UX) Through Application Maintenance

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      Published on September 18, 2023

      6 min read

    Managing app support and maintenance with a reliable developer is what keeps your users coming back for more.

    90% of users say they stop using an app because it has poor performance.

    In this article, we’ll explore the significance of app maintenance for enhancing user experience, which translates to more satisfied customers and revenue for your business.

    Benefits of Good App Maintenance for User Experience

    Let’s dive into the tangible benefits of effective app maintenance, all of which contribute to an enriched user experience:

    #1. User Retention

    Think of your app’s user base as a community.

    Just as in any community, neglect can lead to dissatisfaction and departure.

    App maintenance plays a pivotal role in keeping your users happy and engaged, thus increasing user retention.

    Imagine using an app that frequently crashes, freezes, or has unresolved bugs.

    Users who encounter such issues are likely to abandon your app in search of a more reliable alternative.

    On the other hand, with regular maintenance, you can fix these issues promptly, ensuring a smooth and satisfying user experience that keeps your users coming back.

    #2. High Rankings and Installs

    User satisfaction directly influences app store rankings and the number of app installations.

    When users have a positive experience with your app, they are more likely to leave positive reviews, give high ratings, and recommend it to others.

    These factors not only boost your app’s visibility but also increase its appeal to potential users.

    This, in turn, leads to higher rankings in app stores and a greater number of installs, creating a virtuous cycle of growth.

    #3. More Revenue

    User satisfaction and a growing user base can have a profound impact on your app’s revenue.

    According to Business of Apps, in-app purchases are one of the most popular monetisation models, 50% non-game apps and 79% game apps use it.

    Furthermore, 74% of businesses think that user experience is crucial for improving sales.

    Satisfied users are more likely to make in-app purchases, upgrade to premium versions, or engage with advertisements, thus increasing your revenue potential.

    Additionally, by consistently improving your app through maintenance, you can identify and implement revenue-boosting features.

    This ensures your app remains a valuable asset for both users and your business.

    How App Maintenance Improves User Experience

    Now that we understand the importance of app maintenance for user experience, let’s explore how it works:

    #1. Fixing Bugs and Performance Issues

    Bugs and performance issues can be major roadblocks to a positive user experience.

    Frequent crashes, slow loading times, and unresponsive interfaces frustrate users and erode their trust in your app.

    Effective maintenance involves identifying and addressing these issues promptly.

    Regular bug fixes and performance enhancements ensure that your app runs smoothly, providing users with a reliable and enjoyable experience.

    This proactive approach fosters user confidence and encourages them to stick around.

    #2. Adding New Features and Content

    User expectations are continually evolving, and to stay relevant, your app must evolve too.

    Adding new features and content keeps your app fresh and exciting, delighting users with valuable additions to explore.

    Take a look at social media apps like Instagram.

    While it has had great success with the Stories feature, it keeps evolving by adding more ways to share an Instagram Story—with polls, music, different font types, GIFs, or questions.

    This type of innovation keeps users engaged.

    By staying attuned to user preferences and industry trends, you can enhance your app’s functionality and offer an ever-improving user experience.

    #3. Improving Security and Privacy

    Users are increasingly concerned about their privacy and data security.

    Almost 90% of mobile app users care about the safety of their personal data when using a new app.

    Failing to address these concerns can lead to a breach of trust and, in some cases, legal repercussions.

    Effective app maintenance involves implementing robust security measures, such as encryption and secure authentication processes, to safeguard user data.

    Also, regular security updates and testing are essential to identify and rectify vulnerabilities.

    By prioritising security and privacy, you not only protect your users but also bolster their confidence in your app.

    The mobile app industry is dynamic, with new trends and technologies emerging regularly.

    Staying updated with the latest trends ensures that your app remains competitive and appealing to users.

    For example, the rise of gamification has turned many businesses into incorporating it in their apps.

    80% of consumers agree they’re more inclined to make a purchase with a business that offers a gamified mobile app. So, it’s a beneficial trend that companies may want to keep up with.

    By following industry trends, you can identify opportunities to enhance your app and provide an engaging user experience.

    #5. Making the App More User-Friendly

    User-friendliness is at the heart of a positive user experience.

    Apps that are intuitive, easy to navigate, and visually appealing tend to resonate with users.

    Regular app maintenance involves refining the user interface (UI), simplifying navigation, and optimising the overall user experience.

    This is especially important for first impressions. You can increase retention rates up to 50% with a good and easy-to-follow app onboarding.

    Remember that seeking and implementing user feedback is crucial in this regard.

    Take note of user reviews, survey results, or online forum discussions for more insights.

    By making your app more user-friendly, you create a seamless and enjoyable environment for your audience.


    Nowadays, where users have an abundance of choices, user experience is pivotal for app’s success.

    Effective app maintenance is the heart of this, ensuring that your app remains user-friendly, secure, and competitive.

    The benefits of good app maintenance are as follows:

    • User retention through bug fixes and performance improvements.
    • High rankings and installations driven by satisfied users.
    • Increased revenue from a growing and engaged user base.

    By focusing on these aspects and continuously improving your app, you can create an environment where users not only stay but thrive.

    As you embark on your app maintenance journey, remember that every update and fix brings you one step closer to a superior user experience.

    You can also hire UK’s premier app developers to do the maintenance for your app and reap these user-engaging benefits.

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